How or when do I get paid?


We send payments on the 1st and 16th of each month using the payment method of your choice.

Currently, we are proud to be the only adult industry company that offers FREE direct deposits in 38 countries around the world.

Payment Methods

Method Processing Time Minimum Earnings Fees
Direct Deposit 1-5 business days $100.00

* FREE in 38 countries, otherwise there is a $30.00 fee.

$15.00 dollar charge for failed payments

Paxum Prepaid Cards 1-2 business days $50.00


Cosmo Payment Prepaid Cards 1-2 business days $50.00


Entropay Virtual Wallet 1-2 business days $50.00


U.S. Checks 5-10 business days $100.00

Fee for re-issue of check: $30.00

Checks cannot be re-issued after 12 months have elapsed from date of original check.

Fee for cancelled check: $30.00

Checks are void after 90 days, after which the cancellation fee of $30.00 applies.

* If the currency selected in Settings > Payment Method is the official/default currency for your Country, there is no fee. For example, if you select AUD as your currency and Australia as your Country, the transaction is FREE. However, if you select a non-official Australian currency such as USD, a $30.00 fee will be charged.

Note that for some countries, transaction fees for USD and EUR may be waived depending on the bank designated in your Settings. Please make sure to check with your bank first.



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    On the being paid through ACH your bank account it all sounds great except for a $15 charge for a failed payment what does that mean? Sorry I am very new to this and you would be making a payment to us so how would we get charged $15

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    How long do international wire transfers take?

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    Failed payments refers to if we sent your payout via ACH and it returns and warrants a reissue.

    Wire transfers typically take about 1-3 business days, but can vary depending on the bank.

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    I signed up for mv girl but can't find how to add my vidoes on here or anything about me all it say I can do is purchase other people's videos please help:

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    So I check my payout history, and it says it was paid out, but I haven't seen it appear in my bank account. Is it because my bank is processing the payment?

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    Hi! Please contact our Support team - and we'd be happy to help you.