How can I sort / reorder my vids and store items?

You can sort content/store items by going to the drop-down menu>My MV>Content Manager. 


On this page, you can find useful information about your vids such as Category, Price, Views, Likes, Sold and Earned. 

For your store items, you can find information such as Category, Price, Views, In stock, Sold and Earnings.

To reorder your content you will want to click on the "Reorder" button and then drag and drop the content in the order that you want it to appear on your profile. We suggest that you place your best selling vids at the top to increase your sales potential. 

Additional options: Each individual vid row contains a small icon of 3 dots on the right side. By clicking on the 3 dots you also have the ability to Edit, Pin, Teet, Delete or Move to page.

Don't forget to save the changes!





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    Whereis my purchase history, please,thank's so much