How do I download my vid? (PC)

Step 1: Go to Purchase History from the drop-down menu (circle icon at the top right)

Step 2:  Once you locate the vid, click the download button. 

Step 3: When the pop-up box appears, right click on the 'Download Now', and save link as.


Note: with Mac Book you what you will need to do is click the Download button, then when the download option appears right click (or double finger click on Mac) > save link as (or save target as) .. and choose file destination. 


*Please remember that VLC player is recommended for viewing vids. For iPad and iPhone users, we recommend the Chrome browser for certain vid types.


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    Now that I logged. I dont see the videos in my library I purchased 3/23/16

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    Yes that's what I'm saying the purchase would have to be sent because The downloads showed up on this page link, but when I logged in they went away please help because I'm logged in now!