Can I Request A Refund On A Purchase ?

All sales are final. This includes vids, customs, store items, memberships (both premium and model) and Fund Me purchases.

In the event a vid is corrupt/broken, a test will be done and if there are issues with the vid, an exchange of content from the same model will be offered. 

In the event that you do not get a store item or custom vid within 30 days of the purchase date, you can Email and we would be happy to contact the MV Star on your behalf and if unfulfilled, a refund will be issued. 



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    Looks like I was charged 3 times for the same video. Since all sales are final, can I get an exchange of content for the other 2 purchases of the same video

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    Hello domingo49,

    We just sent you an email about your situation. Please review the email and reply if necessary.


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    Haley420 took two hours to respond to my purchase and was rude after I sent a few messages with questions about the purchase. What can be done?