What Is An MV Score And How Is It Calculated?

You receive a base MV Score of 750 points when your profile is created. (Details outlined in the screen shot below.)

The MV Score is calculated based on a number of factors such as: dollar amount of sales, number of hearts on vids and profile, volume of vids and store items created, the number of times their uploads get auto-tweeted (Twitter account required) and MV reviews (5 points will be added for each full review up to a max of 200 points).

Your MV Score is in effect for a period spanning 45 days. After each 45-day period, your score is reset to the base score of 750 points, so it is important to remain active on MV to keep your MV Score high!

The most important scoring factor is the total dollar amount earned in sales, not the number of sales made.

Your MV score is recalculated twice daily.



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    Hey there, this page should be updated to reflect 10 points for each review as shown on the Score page in the user profile currently. Thanks!

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