What is an MV Link?

The MV Link feature enables MV Stars to give vids to MV Members without them having to pay. (for example, you could give an MV Link to your biggest tipper from your MV Takeover.)

Each MV Link can be redeemed by one registered MV member, for one time only.

To create an MV link, click the drop-down menu > My Content > MV Link (

Simply click on the vid(s) you want to add and send the URL to your MV Member :)


Instructions for your fans to redeem their MV link:

  1. Create a free user account.
  2. Once logged in, copy and paste the MV Link in your browser.
  3. Go to Purchase History and choose the filter MV link from the drop down, and your vid(s) will be available for download.


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    Bruce Wly

    Really having a problem with the instruction to create a free account.
    Is it not what I have to enter my account?
    Copy and paste the gal's link into the filter MV link from the drop down menu where I should find the URL for downloading.
    It's not that simple as it is written. I will try but what about giving out screen shots- that would possibly help.

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    Bruce Wly

    I just went and check to see if the MV link render and no it didn't.
    It said video not found and the only thing it shows is the videos I purchased the last 3 days alone with the 2 pages listing other videos that was purchased in the past. I will wait for farther instructions from you.
    Thank you for your suport.

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    Bruce Wly

    At this point I would like to cancel my premium account.
    Would keep the free account. Please understand I have not use any tokens or anything and this has nothing to do with the situation with the MV link.
    I kind of like it more just having a normal features and that's all..