What is the MV Promo Blaster?

The MV Promo Blaster is a feature that will enable auto-tweets of your sales to your Twitter account. This is a great way for your fans to know when your content is being purchased to help increase your sales.

In order to take advantage of this new feature, you must have your Twitter linked to your account (How to link your Twitter)

If you already have your Twitter linked, the MV Promo Blaster will be automatically set up on your account, but you may need to adjust the frequency of the auto-tweets by clicking the drop-down menu> Marketing Tools > MV Promo Blaster.


You can choose between every 2 sales, 5 sales, 10 sales, 20 sales, 50 sales or never if you wish to turn it off.

Be sure to Save your changes! :) 


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