How can I setup two step verification?

Two-Step Verification is a security measure which requires a 6 digit code via an app that you install on your mobile device in order to login. This protects your account fully, as to login this code is required each time.

If you want to set up 2-Step, login to your account and visit your Settings ( and click "Two-Step Verification". 

You will be prompted to enter your password and click Enable Two-Step Verification. Once completed, you will need to download one of the Apps listed below and scan the barcode using that app to enable it. 



We hope that you find this information helpful. 

****If you cannot generate the 6-digit code via the app we will ask that you email and we will do the necessary validations to disable the feature for you. 


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    Benedetto Inzerillo

    I can not generate the 6-digit code via the app.

    what should I do?

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    Hi Benedetto,

    Please contact us via and we will get the application removed from your MV account. :)

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    Lilly Hall

    I never wanted to set up the 2 step verification code, but it automatically did it and now I’m locked out of my account. What do I do?

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    Hi! I see that you have an open ticket with our Support Team. We will reply to you there :)