What is RevShare?

MV RevShare is a referral program that allows you to share a unique affiliate link to recruit brand-new MV Stars to the MV Community. Your referrals earn you 5% lifetime commission from the following MV transactions: vid sales, memberships, all service sales, custom vid requests, tips, fund me tips, and more—for life! Not included in the MV RevShare are the following: tokens earned, MV Crush sales, booking fees for photo or video shoots, monthly bonuses and contests/votes.

Please note that this program is valid for all *new* referrals only and is not retroactive. The referral will only work for brand-new MV Stars. This means that any profile on ManyVids, whether recently deactivated or long-dormant, will not qualify. Importantly, only direct referrals will earn you 5%; currently, the benefit does not extend to the referrals of your referrals.

Find your MV RevShare link, and to start earning, simply follow these instructions. Go to Drop-Down Menu > Earnings > MV RevShare and use your affiliate to invite future MV Stars to be part of the MV Community. To help promote your link, you’ll also get access to two beautifully designed banners. You’ll be able to keep track of which new MV Stars used your link to sign up as well as their activation status under your MV RevShare tab. Best of all, you can see how much your referrals are earning for you!