Vid Streaming Troubleshooting Tips

We always recommend using Google Chrome for any MV Feature to ensure the best experience. 
Stable Connection/Ethernet connection 
When attempting to stream a vid, always ensure that you have a stable connection (Either full bars or connected via an ethernet cable). 
Downscale Resolution 
If the stream will not start, or the vid continuously buffers – Refresh the page. Once completed, click on play, and immediately click the gear in the top-right corner of the player. Next, select the lower definition resolution. This should eliminate or lessen the rate at which the stream buffers. 
Bandwidth & Processes 
If you’re experiencing any issues while attempting to stream a vid, it could be caused by another running program or device. We recommend closing all other programs and ensuring that no other devices are currently using the internet (Example: Netflix). 
Fresh Start 
If none of the above steps resolved the issue – We strongly recommend restarting both your device & modem, then reattempt to stream the content. 


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