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ClipVia models who join MV will Start with $50


Official comment


There is no excuse for not paying on time hard working models. NO EXCUSE!

The MV Team is shocked with what is going on at Clipvia. How can you put your trust in a company that can't plan ahead? It's just plain wrong!

We at ManyVids are willing to do our part for those girls and studios going through this bad situation.

If you are on Clipvia and join ManyVids within the next 2 weeks (Monday 27th April till Monday the 15th of May)


Have a Clipvia account and currently have an MV account but never accumulated 100$ in earnings we will start your new MV account with 50$. It might not be much, but this is our way to help.

At ManyVids, we ensure our models get paid first. You should never wonder if you are ever going to receive your next pay!

RULES to earn your 50$:

  • Upload a minimum of 5 vids
  • Contact support and send a screenshot of your most recent payout on Clipvia as well as your MV username (this is simply to verify you are active on Clipvia. You can hide the amount earned if you want)

Provide the above proof to our support team by opening a ticket our emailing We will happily add 50$ to your MV account! :)

MV support


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I find this hard to believe, when it is now May 4th and I STILL have not received my payment via Payoneer for the last pay period. I've been told (by MV) that it is now a delay on Payoneer's end (even though I was told Friday that I would have my payment by today (Monday), but I spent the whole morning on the phone with Payoneer and they have NO record of receiving the payment from ManyVids whatsoever. They also told informed me that the notice ManyVid posted about the delay being due to Payoneer switching banks from US to Europe is 100% false.
I'd like to know what's HONESTLY going on with these payments and I think you should focus on paying your CURRENT models before offering free money to models if they switch over.

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I am so sorry for the delay. After further discussion with Payoneer, we have been notified that without any type of heads up they changed their banking structure effective May 1st.

Because of this, the wire to Payoneer is slightly delayed. We are working on assuring that those funds are received by you asap.

See below the email correspondences between us and Payoneer on Friday, May 1st.

If you contact Payoneer you can use the following reference # : ref:_00D80dY1n._500C0pNuj9:ref

Not to worry, this is our top priority and we expect it to be cleared up shortly.

Thanks for your patience,

MV Support

From: manyvids []
Sent: 5/1/2015
Subject: Wire transfer

Hi Ron,

Going forward we will change the wire information.

I was not aware, and I have to load 130+ accounts by Saturday, I really hope that it goes through.

Thank you

Sent: 5/1/2015
To: manyvids []
Subject: Wire transfer

Hello Sed,

Thank you for your email. Please note, you can no longer send wire transfers to Choice bank as of today, May 1st. This transfer may be rejected, however, I have forwarded it to our finance team is looking into it. I will let you know once we get an update.

Going forward, please send all wire transfers to fund your Partner account via North Channel Bank:

North Channel Bank GmbH & Co. KG
Bank address: Erthalstrasse 1, Bonifaziusturm B, 55118 Mainz Account Name: Borderless Commerce Limited Account #: 200231720
IBAN: DE54 1003 0600 0200 2317 20

Beneficiary name: Borderless Commerce Ltd. (UK)

You may include your Partner ID and Partner account name in the special instructions or message area on the transfer form.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


--------------- Original Message ---------------
From: manyvids []
Sent: 5/1/2015
Subject: Wire transfer

Hi guys,

Can you check and see if the money I transfer this morning was received by your bank.




Ron Shivtahal
Account Manager
US Toll Free: +1.888.502.8333 ext. 444
US Land Line: +1.646.328.0950 ext. 444

International Dial
UK: +44.203.318.9054 ext. 444
Germany: +49.89.7210.1064.746 ext. 444
Russia: +7.499.979.9781 ext 444
Israel: +972.732633578 ext. 444

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